Meet the Hungrygamers

Hungrygamer L

Hungrygamer L runs the site, keeps it going through the dead of night!
...and is apparently a poet, although he didn't know it.
I'm Hungrygamer L, I take care of the website while contributing what I can in the shape of reviews/ art/ podcast/ news...
so pretty much anything and everything! Long time game player, newly minted website enthusiast! I hope you enjoy the place!


Well, it looks like there's nothing here yet.

% of Cat's per post 100%

Mocking J

“My body is a temple and pizza is my god” – Mocking J (2017), Earth (Probably)

I'm a passionate computer game connoisseur with a strong opinion on what gets a recommendation for playing or avoiding.
I enjoy a bit of banter with fellow Hungrygamers crew and others that I can happily share a beat up old sofa with just so we can play local multiplayer.
I will listen to recommendations or criticisms and never be biased on my reviews.
In my spare time I try to be as active as possible so I don't turn 100% potato such as gym or sniffing a bit of fresh air in the outdoor world.
My other main passion in life is food so going out enjoying different cultures and new delicacy's is a strong desire.