Curses N’ Chaos Review

Death walks among you.

You are one of two champions of the realm about to defeat an evil prince who curses you to be attacked by monsters and hunted by death wherever you go. To lift the curse you gain help from an alchemist that shows you an item called the elixir of life which will cure you. But you need to fight make money and buy items to combine in order to gain the elixir. The gameplay is great Co-op simple yet addictive fun beat-em up. You fight waves of unique monsters roaming from either the left or right of the level. The levels quirky design and funky music instantly gets you pumped as you punch kick your way through to find yourself face to face with a unique boss at the end.

Between each level you will use items and spend coins to ultimately complete your grimoire. A map that shows when item A is combined with item B it’ll make item C. You will quickly make sense of what you need to combine as you play through the levels.

It can be played single player but is more fun as a couch coop. eventually you will find yourself at the end of the line and depending on what you did or didn’t do you will have a different end to the story so make sure you collect those coins and complete that grimoire.
Overall this is a nice fun title that will keep you fighting with a friend until the very end.


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